How To Build A Business That Funds A Life Of Freedom, Fun & Adventure

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The 7 Unusual Books That Shaped Millionaire Mindsets

Written by Timothy Marc

Out of the many emails I get from blog readers each week there’s a couple of common issues that keep coming up: 1. You have no guide or mentor to show you step-by-step and support you 2. You have no idea if you can personally even do this whole “build a business” thing The other complaint I hear a […]

The Three ENORMOUS Mistakes I Made Whilst Making My First Million Dollars

Written by Timothy Marc

So you want the fast-track to your first million? After launching a handful of businesses and brands over the last several years with the view to building a lifestyle of Freedom, Fun and Adventure, i’ve pinpointed three DEVASTATING mistakes that will keep you from achieving your freedom dream much faster… And they aren’t what you think. […]

What Is Freedom Business All About?

Written by Timothy Marc

Hey there, This video and post is ideal if you are new to the whole concept of Freedom Business and what we are all about here… so kick back with a cup of tea and get ready to start the very exciting journey. This year I’ve been invited to make the long journey out to Zurich […]

19 Ways To Identify And Eliminate The Bullshit From Your Life

Written by Timothy Marc

It’s really hard for me to tell you this today, but it’s the truth and it will come out sooner or later: I have a disease.  Worst part – Chances are you are infected too. I’ve just turned 30 and after spending the majority of my career learning, mastering, then teaching valuable skills to others […]

Wherever You Go, There You Are: The Path To Enjoying Work And Life

Written by Timothy Marc

Hey hope you have been excellent! A short little message this week coming to you live from the Dominican Republic. I’ve just spent the last six months or so travelling the world to exotic locations like the Dominican Republic and wanted to share with you an insight I had. One of my first freedom businesses […]

Freedom TV Episode 1: How To Get Started – The Bucketlist

Written by Timothy Marc

So so so excited to bring you the first episode of Freedom TV! Freedom TV will air on the YouTube channel 9pm Eastern time every second Thursday. In this first episode you will learn… – A bit of background on Freedom Business – The one thing you need to get started (the crepe test) – […]

2013: How To Follow A Path With Heart (Plus Goals, Books and Goodies!)

Written by Timothy Marc

First post up for 2013! Whoohoo! In this one I have 3 things to share with you. 1. An amazing story that may shape the course of your year (even LIFE). 2. A massive book recommendation. Seriously the best book i’ve read for the last 5 years or so. and 3. Some things that are […]

The REAL Secret To Happiness

Written by Timothy Marc

(click the image to see full size) One of our Secret Society Mastermind members, Paul (who is crushing his own freedom business) sent me this yesterday… Note that this is not his balance, but he found it somewhere… I don’t care where he got this from but I love it! I couldn’t believe it when […]

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