How To Build A Business That Funds A Life Of Freedom, Fun & Adventure

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What it takes to get paid… and fund a lifestyle that makes everyone insanely jealous

Written by Timothy Marc

This year I flew out to speak in Zurich for the Lifestyle Design Convention which is a really cool event aimed at people looking to improve or even completely change their lifestyle. Now here’s the (sometimes painful) truth about lifestyle design: there is an unavoidable reality that any form of life you choose is going to cost you a certain amount of […]

The Three ENORMOUS Mistakes I Made Whilst Making My First Million Dollars

Written by Timothy Marc

So you want the fast-track to your first million? After launching a handful of businesses and brands over the last several years with the view to building a lifestyle of Freedom, Fun and Adventure, i’ve pinpointed three DEVASTATING mistakes that will keep you from achieving your freedom dream much faster… And they aren’t what you think. […]

Freedom TV Episode 1: How To Get Started – The Bucketlist

Written by Timothy Marc

So so so excited to bring you the first episode of Freedom TV! Freedom TV will air on the YouTube channel 9pm Eastern time every second Thursday. In this first episode you will learn… – A bit of background on Freedom Business – The one thing you need to get started (the crepe test) – […]

2013: How To Follow A Path With Heart (Plus Goals, Books and Goodies!)

Written by Timothy Marc

First post up for 2013! Whoohoo! In this one I have 3 things to share with you. 1. An amazing story that may shape the course of your year (even LIFE). 2. A massive book recommendation. Seriously the best book i’ve read for the last 5 years or so. and 3. Some things that are […]

[VIDEO] Freedom, Fun and Adventure!

Written by Timothy Marc

(or see on vimeo here: https://vimeo.com/42531567)I made the above video about my last week where I flew up north to tick off one of my bucket list items (snorkel the great barrier reef). The two things I value pretty much over all else are EXPERIENCE and CONTRIBUTION. Experience, as in doing as many things with this […]

Attention Big Companies: We Are Coming After YOU.

Written by Timothy Marc

TIME/DATE: 10:15am 14 June 2011 LOCATION: Remote Beach, QLD Australia In this post you’re going to learn: How you can take on the big companies with your little business (and win) Why it doesn’t matter where you are when running your Freedom Business The 2 reasons people will buy stuff from you A real life […]

How To Escape From Captivity And Go Live A Life Of Freedom, Fun And Adventure

Written by Timothy Marc

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing” – Hellen Keller Hi I’m Timothy Marc and this is my blog… Here i’m going to share with you the secrets to creating a little online business that funds a life of freedom, fun and adventure. See a few years ago on my international travels I was lucky […]

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